Website Usability Analysis

Everyone in online business wants to provide more pleasant experience to their website’s visitors to increase the sales and revenue. Web Usability Analysis report from Cybnet Logics help our clients a lot to achieve their business goals.

Great rankings, great products and great prices mean nothing if website usability fails. Our website usability analysis reports are based on real time data of user interactions with your web site.

What is Usability Analysis?

Usability Analysis is a technique used to evaluate a Website by testing is on users. Most people who set up a usability analysis carefully construct a scenario wherein a person performs a list of tasks that someone who is using the website for the first time is likely to perform. Someone else observes and listens to the person who is performing the tasks while taking notes. Watching someone perform common tasks on a website is a great way to test whether the site is usable because you will immediately be able to see whether they are able to perform the tasks and any difficulties they have while doing so.

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Web Usability Areas We Cover

The major steps we take to improve usability are to employ iterative designs that gradually refine the early stages of design and then evaluate the user and client feedback until the system attains the desired level of usability. We follow a structured approach to complete website usability projects.

  • Traffic analysis
  • Usability analysis through focus groups, user tests, and walk through
  • Technically advanced efforts
  • Interactive survey
  • Collecting sales and lead information
  • Click heat mapping
  • Customer metrics
  • Task analysis to configure critical features

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What Poor website usability results in

High bounce rates

High bounce

Fewer conversions


Abandoned shopping carts

shopping carts

Reduced profit and missed opportunities

Reduced profit and
missed opportunities

Our Web Usability analysis will help you to

  • Improve your web site users experience.
  • Drive visitors into your sales funnel.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Boost your search engine rankings.
  • Increase revenue via your website.

Why is Website Usability Important?

The main reason that usability is so important is because there are so many similar websites that people will go to the next site if the first one they visit is not usable. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but people will leave immediately if they are unable to figure out how to navigate your site quickly.

Website Usability Importance

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