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95% people are using different size of screens and resolutions to access the internet. So to targets all potential customers, it became necessary for all businesses and professionals to have a website that is optimized for all devices and resolutions. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a device-independent UI (user interface) design philosophy that aims to develop and deliver an optimized website experience on devices with different widths and different resolutions: PC, notebook, tablet, smart phone, etc.

It is a technology using which web designers code the style sheets of the website in a manner that its layout magically adjusts itself to more comfortably fit the width of the browser in which it is being viewed.

Responsive Website Design

Why should you switch for responsive design?

Website designing and maintaining a website for different devices is not a decision that can save efforts money and time. Have a responsive website design is the solution that serve all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the page is rendered on the device. Responsive designs are more adapted way of modern businesses to save money, efforts and time while open more opportunities to generate leads and business.

  • Flexibel Grid
  • Flexibel Images
  • Media Queries
Responsive Image

Advantage of responsive design we create

  • Save Money
    Save Money
  • Save Time
    Save Time
  • Improved SEO
    Improved SEO
  • Better Performance
    Better Performance
  • Wide support
    Wide support

Why should you care about having a responsive website

How we work on responsive website designs

  • Mobile Traffic
    Mobile Traffic

    95% People are relying on phone to access the internet

  • Responsive Design
    Responsive Design

    60% of users won’t recommend business with a poor design for mobile

  • Google Recommend
    Google Recommend

    Responsive Design is Google’s recommended Design pattern

Our Promises

We are always committed to provide responsive website design, services by keeping all present and future's trends and changes in mind.

  • No more scrolling:No more disturbing horizontal scrolling for any resolution and screen size.
  • Fluid navigation:We make it more user friendly by smooth navigation throughout the website.
  • Strategically planned layouts:All layouts we design are based on user experience studies.
  • W3C credibility:All of the scripts and codes are w3 validated.
  • Proper call to action:A structured website architecture that draw the customers in to make purchase.
  • Fulls- tested:We deliver the design after fully testing.
  • SEO friendly:We create responsive design with SEO friendliness.
  • Fast turnaround time:We give you faster results.

Why Choose Cybnet Logics for Responsive Design

When it comes to responsive web design, Cybnet Logics is the agency you can trust. We believe websites with responsive design are the future. All of our sites are created with responsive design to ensure that your users have a positive and easy experience while browsing through your website regardless of the device they use.
Young and
200+ Project
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Resolutions we'll take care of

  • Mobile
    Mobile Portrait
  • Mobile
    Mobile Landscape
  • Phablet
    Phablet Portrait
  • Phablet
    Phablet Landscape
  • Tablet
    Tablet Portrait
  • Tablet
    Tablet Landscape
  • PC
    PC Browser
    (1024 onwords)

Our technical practice for responsive web design

Responsive web design is the approch that suggest that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Technical practice for responsive web design

Our Best Work

we have worked 200+ projects in one year from 11 countries

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