Our Approach

We specialize in your future success, Intelligent planning, thoughtful design + progressive technology.

  • Requirement


    This is about making sure we understand exactly what it is your company wants from its website, and it works best if we do it face-to-face. On the back of these meetings our team will put together a proposal. This serves as both the basis of the agreement between the two companies and the blueprint for the future of the site.


  • Strategy


    We'll take a look at your existing Brand Architecture, and if you don't have one already, we'll start building it. Developing a strategy to reach the target audiences and drive conversions. Budget, schedule, team, sitemaps and wireframes.


  • Interface Design

    Interface Design

    There is a visual language for success - and our designers and marketers pull from their industry experience and talents to make sure you have that winning look. Design all graphics and page layouts; may also include a separate design for mobile browsers or apps.


  • Development


    Upon completion of each distinct page design, we move into the Development Phase of the project where the designs are translated into code by our development team. The work will be carried out on one of our development servers and successive iterations will be available for you to test and review.


  • Testing


    Once our developers are near completion, we perform a quality assurance (QA) review. Well, two actually. We test twice for bugs and glitches on a variety of different browsers, devices and platforms. After the site has passed our internal QA, we’ll share it with you for your own testing, training and for the addition of site content.


  • Deployment


    In the Deployment Phase, the site is migrated to the server on which it will be living and then made live. Our expertise and personal involvement assures that we are delivering work that exceeds expectations and has a positive impact for your business.


  • Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance & Support

    Web sites will need quite frequent updates to keep them fresh and relevant. In such a case, we need to do analysis again, and all the other life-cycle steps will be repeated. Bug fixes can be done during the time of maintenance. Once your web site is operational, ongoing promotion, technical maintenance, content management & updating, site visit activity reports, staff training and mentoring is needed on a regular basis, depending on the complexity of your website and the needs within your organization.


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